AlertMe! 2.0 is here

AlertMe! 2.0 is here!

When we launched AlertMe! in January 2o2o, never did I think it would evolve so fast. What was once a simple plugin, has grown into a robust subscriber platform. I must give credit where credit is due of course – the user community really was the driving force behind this update.

We received so many great suggestions, that I found myself updating my feature list board daily. And the value this plugin was bringing to site owners really was a nice thing to hear. So to everyone that submitted a feature request — THANK YOU!

What's new in AlertMe!

When planning this upgrade, every feature request was taken under great consideration. Of course with any new feature, we have to ask – does this feature improve the core function of pulling visitors back to the owners website? That is of course what AlertMe! is all about after-all...a simple, easy way to build recurring traffic. Which if you ask any website owner, is not easy thing to do!

With that being said, the features that made it into todays release really make AlertMe! a much more valuable plugin for website owners. Building reoccurring traffic has just become a little easier today.

Here's whats new with todays release:

AlertMe! is now its own Sidebar Item

With the addition of new features, it only made sense to move AlertMe! out from Tools menu and into it's own sidebar item.

Settings User Interface Completely Reimagined

The old settings interface was getting a bit clunky. As we started to add new features and refine old ones, it was obvious from a user experience standpoint a redesign was needed. We utilized tabs to separate the different plugin options to make it easier to manage.

Manage Subscriptions — New Feature!

One of the most requested features by far was the ability for users to manage their subscriptions. Now, each user can mange their own subscription preferences from a simple "Manage Subscriptions" page.

Single Click Subscription — New Feature!

When your website visitors are logged in to your site, they will now be able to subscribe to a post or page with a single click. No need to add an email address!


But wait, there's more!

Verification Message

Now we include a nifty verification message when your users return to a page they are already subscribed to. Making it clear they made a wise choice.

Subscriber Statistics — New Feature!

Curious about which post or page has the most subscribers, or perhaps the least? We thought so, so we added that feature too!

Bug Fixes and Code Optimization

This release addresses every bug that has been reported. Consider them squashed! Additionally, we optimized the code to improve long-term viability and stability as we add new features.

Download the new and improved AlertMe! 2.0 now!

AlertMe! – Automatic Post Update Notifications to Subscribers

If you are a current AlertMe! user just login to your WordPress site and update the plugin and start enjoying all the new features. Not a current AlertMe! user? Need a way to pull visitors back to your website with a simple click? Well what are you waiting for? Download AlertMe! for free at the official WordPress plugin directory.

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